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Program Enrollment

Through observation or family assessment, underprivileged children residing in the Chicagoland area can be recommended for enrollment into the My Joyful Heart program by:

  • School administrators, teachers, and/or social workers
  • Child care professionals from licensed day care centers
  • Religious leaders from churches
  • Counselors or caseworkers from occupational centers, therapeutic centers, or agencies

My Joyful Heart refers to these individuals as "Ambassadors". Recommendations for enrollment cannot come from a family member - only ambassadors can enroll children into the program. Ambassadors may identify potential enrollments as children coming to school without a jacket in the winter, those without clothing or shoes that fit, children in need of hygiene products, and those who desperately need encouragement and hope.

The role of the ambassador

Ambassadors and the child they are recommending into the program are responsible for completing My Joyful Heart's enrollement form. The form is detailed and asks for information such as clothing and shoe sizes, favorite color, immediate needs, wish list, and current family situation such as if the child is in a single partent home, living with a relative, in a shelter, and number of siblings.

The ambassador must also agree to pick up gifts for the childrent from our ministry center, distribute the gifts, and assist the children in writing thank you notes.

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