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Adventures with Jesus

These are simple stories of our Founder, Diane Carroll's 20 years of walking with Jesus through My Joyful Heart. Many may seem like small or trivial happenings but when Jesus is in it there is nothing small about it.  If you need encouragement to know that Jesus does work in our lives, that He cares about and loves us, you just may find that encouragement in this book.

The book is available for purchase for $10 for local pickup at My Joyful Heart or can be shipped for an additional $6. All proceeds will benefit the children of My Joyful Heart.

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Reviews for ADVENTURES WITH JESUS by Diane Carroll

"I have been enjoying the book that was given as a gift - Adventures with Jesus...God is so faithful. The wonderful part though, is that Diane so succinctly shares those testimonies so that hundreds, maybe even thousands can be blessed and have their faith in Jesus grow during difficult situations." ~B. Warren

"Read thru your book this weekend - it is beautiful and well done. Thank you for the inspiration!" ~T. Olsen

“I couldn’t put the book down until I read it thru receiving chills and thrills reading page to page until I finished the book.

I have to say it actually renewed in me increased faith that He hears every word and knows every thought.

Your testimonies renewed a closer walk with Yahshua which I’m sure is His purpose to all who read and receive a new revelation of a living and true Elohim, God who loves and cares about our lives and what is possible if we put Him in charge and trust in Him completely.”   ~M. Wumkes

“It was exciting and beautifully written and so many times I was brought to tears. Over and over and over again as I read through this, I continued to feel hope that I too can experience this complete and perfect trust that gives you the peace to realize that He comes through, always.  

…How many people will be affected by realizing complete trust and faith and prayer is all that is needed to see miracles!!”   ~E. Burns

“You know how we just don’t want some books to end? Will there be an Adventures with Jesus 2? I really enjoyed reading it. So well written. Such fitting Scripture after each chapter. 

...It’s a masterpiece telling us how Jesus works thru people who love Him and trust Him. It shows us how complete Faith in Him can work for the good of others.”   ~A. Wojtasik

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