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Thank you for your interest in helping My Joyful Heart make Christmas special for our local children in need. When you know that you want to help with 1 or 100 children or any number in between, please fill out the form below. Once the forms are received we will work to get the information to you the second week of October for the number of children you have chosen. There is no set amount on what to spend per child but the wishes are taken directly from their enrollment forms. There will be a few things on the tag for each child:

  1. Footwear if they indicated this was a need (Boots, Shoes or Slippers).
  2. Warm Pajama size
  3. A gift or two that they asked for. These needs vary widely by child, it could be additional clothes, it could be a game, doll, item for their room or something they have always wished for.

The unwrapped gifts will be due back by November 30th at the latest but earlier is preferred. We will be closed for Thanksgiving November 23rd/24th. 

You will receive additional instructions the second week when we send the children's wish list.

Thank you and God Bless!

Our individual giving tree is ready online now and you can sign up to bless a child:

Please fill out the form below if you have a group, business, etc. that you would like tags for. All gifts due back by Nov. 30th at the latest.

I am interested in
I/We would like to buy for approximately
Choose the closest.
I would like to buy for the following students
We serve Pre-K through 22. Those in Grades 13+ are from our local transitional programs.
Giving Tree Type
Choose your preferred type of Giving Tree

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