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Funding My Joyful Heart

Your Donations Go A Long Way!

At My Joyful Heart we strive to keep our overhead costs as low as possible. With donated warehouse space and utilities, we are able to use 95% of the donations that come in for program costs that directly impact the children of My Joyful Heart.

My Joyful Heart is funded through sponsorship of children, corporate gifts, fundraising events, donation campaigns and monetary donations from people like you.

With our 501(c)(3) status and Tax Exemption we are able to buy more because of our affiliations with membership-based organizations. My Joyful Heart has active memberships with:

  • Good360 (formerly Gifts-In-Kind International)

Good360's mission is to fulfill the needs of nonprofits with corporate product donations.


NAEIR solicits donations from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers all across the United States and distributes them to charitable organizations for a small fee.

Being a member has it’s privileges; Through Good360 and NAEIR we are able to purchase toys, clothing, crafts, hygiene items and other supplies for a modest shipping fee.

We also enlist the help of local volunteer “Value Shoppers" who scout neighborhood stores for needed supplies that are on clearance. An example of this was a recent purchase of $9,030 worth of children’s summer clothing for only $803. We also purchased many of the winter jackets needed to clothe our 550 children at only half price after the season. Recently 42 pairs of gym shoes were acquired for $3.32 per pair. We are always shopping for bargains and work hard to get the best possible price for our inventory.

Your donations to My Joyful Heart get stretched to the max. Whether you give a large or small gift, we are determined to be good stewards and make every dollar count.

According to the Gospels, while Jesus was on Earth He talked more about money and stewardship than any other topic -- even more than heaven, prayer or miracles. As you entrust us with gifts and donations, we want to assure you how much we strive to be the best stewards possible.