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One Person Makes a Difference

"Our family has been sponsoring a 7-year old boy [named Anthony] for 2 years through My Joyful Heart. We were paralyzed in the big picture of poverty on where and how to help. We have seen through My Joyful Heart how one person can make a big difference in many lives.

God bless Diane and the many volunteers that can see and fill the many needs that these children and families consistently need."

"She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy." Proverbs 31:20

Name of Child: Anthony B.

Child's Age: 7-year old boy

Sponsor Name: Rick, Mary, Jena and Tyler R.

How Long Have You Sponsored a Child in My Joyful Heart?: Since 2010

My Joyful Heart Is a Bright Spot

"For the past 6 years, I’ve sponsored two girls through My Joyful Heart. I have witnessed first hand the happiness and excitement on the faces of the little children we serve. I have seen them jump for joy when they receive their white bags of treasures! 

These children are in a circumstance through no fault of their own and My Joyful Heart is surely a bright spot in their lives. It has been my honor and privilege to be a part of an organization that truly makes a difference in the lives of the most needy children in the Chicagoland area."

Names of Children: Hannah and Dyamond

Children's Ages: Both girls are 6-years old

Sponsor Name: Julie C.

How Long Have You Sponsored Children in My Joyful Heart?: Since 2006

Being A Sponsor Brings Joy to Your Heart

"My name is Shirley and I have sponsored a child in My Joyful Heart for many years -- sharing the basic necessities, clothes, toys, a little humor and hope to a child in need. 

The name of the organization says it all: being a sponsor does bring 'joy to your heart.' Thank you My Joyful Heart for giving me this extraordinary and rewarding opportunity. I am encouraging anyone to join the sponsorship program and open your heart to one of these children. Open your heart to joy!"

Name of Child: Genesis

Child's Age: 11-year old girl

Sponsor Name: Shirley W.

How Long Have You Sponsored a Child in My Joyful Heart?: Since 2003

My Joyful Heart Changes Kids

"My husband and I have been My Joyful Heart Sponsors for the last nine and a half years.  We have loved the opportunity to be able to help provide the necessities and wishes to the under privileged children within the Chicagoland area. 

Over the years we have sponsored numerous children and each time we get assigned a new child we are very excited for that child and all the love and care this child, who would normally be going without, will receive thanks to My Joyful Heart!  We have seen what My Joyful Heart does for these kids, how it changes them for the better; and because of that we will always remain My Joyful Heart Sponsors!"

Names of Children: Havalynn and Nakayla

Children's Ages: 9-year old and 7-year old girls

Sponsor Name: Lisa and Chuck W.

How Long Have You Sponsored a Child in My Joyful Heart?: Since 2002

My Heart Is Full of Joy

"My Joyful Heart has given me the opportunity to help a child in need by providing daily essentials, clothing, school supplies and toys. It is such a good feeling to help others, especially a child. My heart is full of joy as a result of sponsoring various children since 2005."

Names of Children: Serenity and Maya

Children's Ages: 11-year old and 9-year old girls

Sponsor Name: Lori B.

How Long Have You Sponsored a Child in My Joyful Heart?: Since 2005