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My Joyful Heart serves local children who live in impoverished areas. Every child enrolled in the My Joyful Heart program is disadvantaged in one way or another: some are in special education, some have families that cannot afford life's necessities, many are from single-parent or grandparent-led households and some are homeless.

Currently, My Joyful Heart provides over 3,700 Gift Packages to children ages 3 to 13-years old each year. While it brings joy to our hearts to help these children, there are still many more who could benefit from inclusion in our program.

You can help by sponsoring a child and investing in their future. Working together, we can make a difference in the lives of children who are struggling to overcome poverty.


See How It Works

My Joyful Heart strives to support each child enrolled in our program -- and we can do this with your help. As a sponsor, you are able to include letters and create a correspondence between you and your sponsored child. Children who have sponsors are also "shopped" for first and receive items that most fit their needs and wishes.

Children within the program who do not have assigned sponsors fall into the My Joyful Heart kids program. We make every effort to supply ALL children in our program with necessities, though without full sponsorship we sometimes have to make tough decisions. All My Joyful Heart kids will receive similar items to the sponsored children, but we may not have a perfect size or their favorite color.